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JT Consulting refines the art of an analysis by providing you key insights to making the right decisions for your organization. Customized analytic services include: mind mapping, situation appraisals, stakeholder, vision, SWOT, segmentation, OST's.

JT Consulting provides your organization with continuing education resources through our forums designed to engage attendees in knowledge and application of the coursework. Allow JT Consulting the opportunity to provide you insight and understanding through various forums titled: Leadership, Think, Teams, Create, Ethics, and Relax.

My name is Jake Tijerina and I founded JT Consulting.  Allow us to begin serving your needs.

Founder:  A native of northwest Ohio, Mr. Jacob I. Tijerina gained Finance, Operations, and Marketing experience in Fortune 500 companies.  Guided by a strong work ethic coupled with a zeal for life, Mr. Tijerina founded JT Consulting and began serving clients.    How can we begin serving you?


Mission:  Our mission is to serve our clients with respect, integrity, understanding and prudence that delivers results upon their objectives. 

The following beliefs provide a foundation for us.  Quality:  Quality applies to our people, product, services, time, relationships, and quality of life.  Service:  We are committed to having a servant’s heart toward each other, customers, vendors, and all with whom we serve.  Ethics:  Our ethics serve as a central guide to support day-to-day decision making. It clarifies our basic beliefs translating our everyday decisions, behaviors and actions toward optimal decisions with greater employee confidence.  Understanding:  Understanding provides a life in harmony with plan and purpose. Through understanding, we experience fulfillment and joy and strive to have an understanding-of-purpose.  Independence:  The desire to strengthen our independence in areas such as: strategic, financial, and time while forging our independence through prudence and divine guidance. Growth: Our quest for organizational growth considers the organizations short and long term objectives while balancing a balanced organizational culture.



JT Consulting provides a range of marketing services tailored to specifically meet the needs of the client. Allow the JT Consulting experienced marketing team to over-deliver your expectations on marketing excellence. JT Consulting marketing services include: promotions, internet, ethnic, new product, direct target, and point-of-decision.  Visit our creative gallery.

JT Consulting delivers research solutions that drive results for our client. Allow us to provide you with qualitative and quantitative research that delivers cost effective solutions. The research team adheres to a philosophy of “seeing what everybody sees... but thinking what nobody thinks.”


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