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JT Consulting refines the art of an analysis by providing you key insights to making the right decisions for your organization. Customized analytic services include: mind mapping, situation appraisals, stakeholder,vision,SWOT,segmentation,OST's.

JT Consulting provides your organization with continuing education resources through our forums designed to engage attendees in knowledge and application of the coursework. Allow JT Consulting the opportunity to provide you insight and understanding through various forums titled: Leadership, Think, Teams, Create, Ethics, and Relax.

JT Consulting is a full service agency providing a range of Marketing, Research, Analysis and Forums resources.

JT Consulting provides you with creative designed specifically for your marketing communication needs. 

Our seasoned marketing team can provide you with the appropriate tactics given your organizations specific issues or needs.   Upon reviewing your existing strategies, JT Consulting will provide you with the appropriate marketing elements in which to accomplish the agreed upon objectives.

Whether you need to create a defensive strategy to combat a regional competitor, or are in need of more breadth of marketing services to achieve your communication objectives, our marketing team at JT Consulting can provide you with the resources needed to drive your objectives to outstanding results.

Allow us to review your consumers' existing behaviors and attitudes and recommend alternative marketing approaches in which to modify these attributes through a blend of effective marketing tactics.  Given the client customization of each of our marketing services, JT Consulting delivers you turn-key marketing projects and elements that yield expressive creative in which we deliver to your intended target market. 

Is your organization in need of a fresh creative expression of your brand?  Allow our creative designers to explore your brand's 'white space' on our creative canvas.  Through various techniques, our creative team will delve into your brand and begin exploring ways to fine tune your brand's imagery.

Realize your next marketing project's potential through the partnership of our organizations.  We can assist your team from concept through execution.

JT Consulting provides a range of marketing services tailored to specifically meet the needs of our clients. Allow our experienced team to over-deliver your expectations of marketing excellence.

Our team will work with your organization to provide the greatest return for your investment.  JT Consulting will work to provide you a fully integrated campaign that delivers effective communication that reaches your targeted audience.

Visit our creative gallery and see how we can use our creative strengths for your advantage.  Let us plan and execute your promotions to drive profitable growth.  We offer internet elements that will expand your brand's web-presence.  We deliver new product concepts that delivers you results.  Let us assist your efforts in communicating to various ethnic groups.  We will deliver cost efficient direct targeted marketing elements.  Let us create your eye-catching, head-turning marketing point-of-decision needs.



JT Consulting provides a range of marketing services tailored to specifically meet the needs of the client. Allow the JT Consulting experienced marketing team to over-deliver your expectations on marketing excellence. JT Consulting marketing services include:promotions,internet,ethnic,new product,direct target, andpoint-of-decision.  Visit our creative gallery.

JT Consulting delivers research solutions that drive results for our client. Allow us to provide you withqualitative andquantitative research that delivers cost effective solutions. The research team adheres to a philosophy of “seeing what everybody sees... but thinking what nobody thinks.”


Marketing Research Analysis Forums Higher Education Project Sample

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