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JT Consulting refines the art of an analysis by providing you key insights to making the right decisions for your organization. Customized analytic services include: mind mapping, situation appraisals, stakeholder,vision,SWOT,segmentation,OST's.

JT Consulting provides your organization with continuing education resources through our forums designed to engage attendees in knowledge and application of the coursework. Allow JT Consulting the opportunity to provide you insight and understanding through various forums titled: Leadership, Think, Teams, Create, Ethics, and Relax.

New products and services provide growth for an organization by providing a platform in which to expand into new markets and opportunities.

Generating new products through a disciplined approach will yield the highest output.

Our process for generating new ideas for goods and services is a refined process that has evolved through the various new product launches that our team members have been involved.

Allowing adequate time for generating concepts is a critical step in our new product ideation process.  Strong concepts can be a result of the proper identification of the consumers' specific need state, whether physical or emotional prior to delving deeply into the new product ideation process.

Generating strong new product concepts that appeal both as a function and a form to addressing the consumer need state requires that ideas be sorted and ranked against various key new product attributes established by the client.

After the lead new product concepts have been identified, our team begins working on refining the concept that best addresses the consumer need.  This new product concept continues the refinement process through the continued interaction with clients with any needed modifications to the concept, based on additional client needs, being incorporated into a working new product concept.

Clients providing a diverse team including operations, marketing, sales and customer service typically yield a highly workable concept that maintains a strong sense of

As a part of providing our clients a range of new product services, our team can help transition you to the implementation phase of your concepts by assisting in various project management efforts.

Our new product process utilizes proven research methods that statistically analyze dimensions of the new product concepts. 

New Product
Deliverable: Design-to-implementation based upon terms and agreement.



JT Consulting provides a range of marketing services tailored to specifically meet the needs of the client. Allow the JT Consulting experienced marketing team to over-deliver your expectations on marketing excellence. JT Consulting marketing services include:promotions,internet,ethnic,new product,direct target, andpoint-of-decision.  Visit our creative gallery.

JT Consulting delivers research solutions that drive results for our client. Allow us to provide you withqualitative andquantitative research that delivers cost effective solutions. The research team adheres to a philosophy of “seeing what everybody sees... but thinking what nobody thinks.”


Creative Gallery Promotions Ethnic Internet New Products Direct Target Point-of-Decision Customized Cards

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