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JT Consulting refines the art of an analysis by providing you key insights to making the right decisions for your organization. Customized analytic services include: mind mapping, situation appraisals, stakeholder,vision,SWOT,segmentation,OST's.

JT Consulting provides your organization with continuing education resources through our forums designed to engage attendees in knowledge and application of the coursework. Allow JT Consulting the opportunity to provide you insight and understanding through various forums titled: Leadership, Think, Teams, Create, Ethics, and Relax.

JT Consulting is a full service agency providing a range of Marketing, Research, Analysis and Forums resources. 

JT Consulting provides you with creative designed specifically for your marketing communication needs.  The JT Consulting seasoned marketing team can provide you with the appropriate tactics given your organizations specific issues or needs.   Upon reviewing your existing strategies, JT Consulting will provide you with the appropriate marketing elements in which to accomplish the agreed upon objectives.  Read More    

Partner with our research team and understand why our team... "sees what everybody sees, but thinks what nobody thinks."  Allow the JT Consulting research team to provide a fresh perspective for your business.  Our research team conducts both qualitative and quantitative research.  JT Consulting provides your organization with customized research.  JT Consulting  methodology and processes will provide you with the assurance required to know that our deliverables shed insight and are actionable.  New ideas deliver future growth for your organization.  Allow JT Consulting research to provide you with concepts that deliver.

JT Consulting is committed to becoming your preferred choice of problem solvers.  JT Consulting strives to deliver you insight and direction for the issues your organization is currently confronting.  Provide JT Consulting with a problem or challenge that your organization is currently addressing and allow our analytics team to conduct various diagnostics.  The output of these analytics will result in implications that provide you with a greater depth of insight.  Apply these new insights to resolve your problem or challenge.  JT Consulting can provide you and your organization solutions for your complex problems or issues.  Engage JT Consulting with your current issues and challenges and we can provide you with a roadmap that yields a route to a previously undiscovered solution.  The JT Consulting analytics team will provide you with an analysis and recommendation that provides the critical insight that your organization requires to optimize its resources.

Allow JT Consulting select team speakers to engage your organization in the latest forum topics.  Providing depth of thought as well as challenging your notions, JT Consulting lecturers and guest speakers will provide your organization thought provoking information and practical application of the knowledge.

Visit the "education wing" of our services to gain a better understanding of our education services.



JT Consulting provides a range of marketing services tailored to specifically meet the needs of the client. Allow the JT Consulting experienced marketing team to over-deliver your expectations on marketing excellence. JT Consulting marketing services include:promotions,internet,ethnic,new product,direct target, andpoint-of-decision.  Visit our creative gallery.

JT Consulting delivers research solutions that drive results for our client. Allow us to provide you withqualitative andquantitative research that delivers cost effective solutions. The research team adheres to a philosophy of “seeing what everybody sees... but thinking what nobody thinks.”


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